What Incubator To Get?


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Sep 6, 2012
Hi Everyone,
It may be a bit premature but I am looking around to save up for a new incubator. Currently I have a little giant still air incubator with the egg turner and it works ok. However, I am planning to try and breed Light Sussex Chickens and am thinking of ramping up my hatching ( my first flock is hatching as I type this
). As I said before the little giant does fine although the best hatch rate I have gotten so far is 50% but we are working on it. The biggest problem where I live (N.H) and in my own house tends to be that the house humidity is way to low and the current incubator just doesn't hold humidity that good except for in the middle of summer. I was wondering what type of incubator you all use? I am trying to find an incubator that you can set the temperature to and the incubator will adjust the temperature a bit to compensate for a slight change in room temperature, holds humidity well and holds a minimum of 20-25 eggs? Thanks for the help!
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Apr 29, 2011
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There are several good incubators out there. We were fortunate to have found a used Sportsman cabinet for a great price! LOVE IT! We rarely got a better than 50% hatch rate with our LG, either. We've had a few 100% hatches with our Sportsman.

I'm sure others do just as well. That's just the incubator I have experience with.

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