what indicates a roo................?


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
i know this is probably a dozy question as there could be so many factors...but is there any 'pointers' that can help me sex some now nearly 8 week old chicks?

i asked on her last week and got a vote of 5 roos and 1 pullet (when i had supposedly bought 4 pullets 2 roos)
i put them up for sale as roos and 2 guys have both came to pick them up and gone away empty handed because they are not 100% convinced these are roo's and they dont want pullets!!! 2 have single row combs, the other four have no comb so to speak, but a reddish 'line' on there heads (not raised, flat against there heads)
1 of these four have a very vibrant red line, 2 have reddish lines, the others 'line' is an orangy yellow colour, this is the only one im sure is a pullet

so im stuck with these 5 other unsexable chicks and dont know what to list them as.

so i just looking for pointers that could help sex a chicken at 2 months?
We would need pics to guess accurately.. Red above nosstrils, and larger, wattles than a female, and redder, bigger in general, & wider legs, standing taller, crowing... These are all signs but without pics we can't tell you for sure... Good Luck...
i already posted pics on here last week or so and got a vote of 5 roos 1 pullet, but now the farmer is disagreeing im really confused. there are two that stand tall and 'strut' (one with comb one without)

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