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Adult or Duckling for our lone duck? I have no idea how old exactly she is but I guess she is about a year since I'm pretty sure she was an Easter duckling, we've had her about a month now and we love her. We want to do right by her and get her a friend. I'm having a harder time getting ahold of an adult than I thought I would. I have a friend who breeds ducks (have no idea what kind) and sometimes sells the ones who aren't colored the way he wants them but I haven't been able to catch up with him lately. TSC of course has ducklings as do the feed stores here in the area. There is also a farmers market near here that sells live animals. We went out there last weekend but the weather was really crummy and only one person was there and she just had some chickens. I saw on craigslist somebody trying to sell Muscovy females for 10 dollars each but and another person was advertising a Muscovy breeding pair that they were trying to sell at the farmers market a few weeks back. I'm not sure I really like Muscovys but if Daisy would like them then it's all good. I don't know if they would even still have them and I'm thinking it's quite possible that IF I do find ducks out at the FM this coming weekend they will be ducklings as well since most of the people selling chickens are just selling chicks or older roosters. So do I snag a pair of ducklings somewhere and call it a day or do I hold out for an adult. My husband and I have decided three is the limit and he would prefer to just have two. Is one a better choice than the other as far as introducing them to Daisy?

You guys are such a great help, I really appreciate all the info I've gotten thus far
If you go for ducklings it would be better to buy 2 as stated before for company -and also buy them sexed- as you dont want to end up in a situation of two drakes and one female.

Adults ducks or a single- would be an immediate companion of course- but they may not be as tame as you would like. Both options have their pros and cons and only you can work out what is really the best for your own individual circumstance.
Personally I'd get another adult...you could put it out with the other right away and it would be better able to defend itself. Sometimes ducks can be a bit aggressive with 'new' ducks but then sometimes they are so happy to see another of their kind that they make the best of friends right away

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