What is a fair price for this pair of Silkies?

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Jun 17, 2009
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They are both 4.5 months old.



That's what I was gonna say too. I am only keeping my very best, since I can't keep a ton anymore! They are decent quality. But, since we got the pair of Lavender's from Bren, a few more need to go. My husband is wanting to concentrate on the Lavender's. They will of course have their own pen so that their bloodline stays pure.

Then, we kept 2 splash hens and a Black hen that will be paired up with Brens Roo that she used the last two years for her hens. It's actually a lot better with only a few birds. Much easier and tons less work to do
I don't know for sure, but when I was looking to buy off eggbid shipping on a pair was always in the $55-$70 range. Not sure if that is the actual cost or people making some money off the shipping though.
It seems everyone is charging that amount Ive looked hundreds of times and I was just not willing to pay more for shipping than the one bird:-(
I had a pair of SLW shipped to me in Jan. The shipping on the birds, not including the box, as listed as the COST PAID to USPS (so, the actual shipping label charge) by the seller from them to me was 76 plus some change. Again, this DIDN'T include box. Of course, it depends on the individuals distance from where you are located as well as the weight of the birds + box. I was actually charged less than that for shipping, so the seller actually lost some $$ on shipping, unfortunately.
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