What is a good way to keep chicks warm while taking them home?


May 12, 2015
Hi, I am very excited to be getting 6 or 7 day old chicks on Saturday 23rd and was wondering how to keep them warm while taking them home in my car. I have owned chickens many times before now and raised a couple dozen chicks but that was about 4 or 5 years ago and I did not have to transport them over long distances. The place we are getting them from is about an hour from where I live and I now live in England, where I am the weather is awful at the moment!

I was thinking of maybe using a warm hot water bottle possibly under a small towel, I know this is not ideal as it only really heats their feet and I would have to make sure it wasn't too hot but I couldn't think of anything else and it would only be for about an hour. I was wondering if this would be alright or if you had any other suggestions.

Many thanks, any help would be appreciated.
We always just set our chicks in our lap (im the kid so we sit them in the back with me) but if you are going alone and somebody cant cuddle them, I would suggest keep the cars heat on if you can and put them in a box or kennel crate all wrap them all up in the blanket ^^
Thanks for the help! I could try using the blankets or find someone willing to sit in the back with them, problem is my air conditioning isn't great as it makes the car really cold for about twenty minutes before gradually heating and it doesn't really get that hot.

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