What is a peacock's favorite snack?


Free Ranging
8 Years
Jul 13, 2015
Carnation, Wa
The short story is that I'd like to buy some delicious treats for our neighbor's peacock. I know for my ducks that snack would be mealworms. Is there an equivalent for a peacock?

The long story is that we went to our neighbor's fenced backyard yesterday for socially distance dog playdate. My well mannered duck protection dog flabbergasted us all by chasing their peacock. Everything was fine, I called my dog to me immediately and put him on a leash. But I still feel horribly and want to express that further by giving their bird a special gift. Their bird shouldn't have been afraid in his own backyard and it is my fault, so I'd like to give him a gift to try to make it right. Thankfully our neighbors have forgiven me.

I don't know anything about peafowl and what they eat.
We give ours blueberries, cantaloupe, papaya and even bell peppers. I would say the blueberries and papaya are their favorite, they go crazy for the seeds in the papaya.

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