What is a poop board/tray


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Apr 11, 2013
I am new to owning chickens and I have just finished building their coop. As I have been reading I keep hearing the terms "poop board" and "poop tray". May be a stupid question but what are these?
It is something you put directly under the roost, to collect the poop that the chickens produce overnight when they're asleep. Because most chickens only sleep in their coop and don't hang out there, that board will get the vast majority of chicken poos. The idea is that instead of scooping/ cleaning out the whole coop, you can just grab that board and scrape the poops into the compost or wherever, keeping the whole coop a lot cleaner!
Ok that is what I was thinking but then again wasn't to sure. Told ya it might be a stupid question. I will have to see if this is something I can add to my coop but.

In general how wide is a poop board? The roosts I have are made from 1"x 2" pieces of wood. I have 1 that is 20" off the floor and another one that is 14" off the floor.
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Do the chickens generally always face the same direction when they sleep? If not i assume the PB would have to be centered under the roost. How wide should it be to safely catch their droppings?

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