what is a reasonable price to pay


12 Years
Apr 7, 2010
What is a reasonable price to pay for a barnevelder pullet,that is 6 weeks old? Also can you tell a difference in gender @ this age? I really would like to buy this breed but do not know much about them and as I had posted yesterday I have the chance to but one from an individual who is selling her chickens and I want to pay a fair price but want to make sure that I don't over-pay either.
Depends. Is the Barnevelder an average hatchery-born or bred pullet, or is it a quality bird? Hows its color or conformation, especially from the parents? How is its parents egg color?
Good question. I am not sure,the only thing I know is she had travelled a state away to get the eggs to hatch and she was only successful in hatching this one. She normally dealt with layers so I don't think it would be a show breed.
Oh, forgot to add that it is a gold lace barnevelder. I have not seen it yet. What should I look for?

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