What is a roundhead game chicken?

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    On craigslist they are listed for sale in my area and just wondering what they are? Is is another term for a breed?
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    American game fowl is categorized into different strains/bloodlines so there is Hatch, Kelso, Albany, Sweater, Whitehackle, Claret, Roundhead, and Butcher and a few others I can imagen.

    So the Roundhead Games are American Gamefowl from Roundhead bloodlines.

    I bet the American Gamefowl experts can enlighten you more on the subject, i did research american games for a while but couldn't find any birds to buy up here so my knowledge is rather limited.
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    The Roundhead is an old breed of game chicken. It started in Boston in 1864 by John Harwood. A trio of game chickens came from England. Harwood aquired them and named them Roundhead because they had small round heads. These were light red with black breasts and had pea combs and yellow legs. 4 to 6 pounds. Many other breeds of Roundhead have been developed, such as Lacy or Allen. Many believe Roundheads to be superior to all other gamefowl.
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    Thanks I was wondering why the chicks were so highly priced. They sound neat, to bad I have to many chicks as it is [​IMG]

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