What Is A Vikon Chicken?


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Is my friend from San Francisco putting me on? She says the organically-raised Vikon chickens from Azusa, California (mostly sold to Asian restaurants) are a genuine purebred heritage line of many decades, not genetically altered for larger body parts and fed only natural foods without artificial ingredients (although they're not certified organic).

This is the only info I could find on the Web:

What is a VIKON Chicken?

Vikon chickens are produced from Heritage chickens. Vikon chickens' parent are breed from Heritage chickens. About 60 years ago an overseas poultry breeder purchased two pure line breeds from two New England breeders and took the lines back to his country. The mother’s side of the VIKON chicken is a Cornish pure line that had originally started in Cornwall, England and was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s “Standard of Perfection” in 1893. The Standard is the official poultry bible that recognizes pure breeds. A pure breed means once the bird has been officially selected as a pure breed it is never mated with a different breed of chickens if it is to remain a pure line. The Cornish is a close genetic link to it’s ancient jungle fowl ancestor. VIKON chickens father side is a pure line Plymouth White Rock breed. This White Rock breed was admitted as a pure breed to the Standard in 1888.

VIKON Chickens are different because the overseas breeder uses selection methods that preserve the bird’s true natural traits. This sets the Vikon Chickens program apart from any other breeding system used in the world today. The Vikon Chickens production is a commitment and respect for nature to preserve his chickens inherited genetic attributes. This Vikon Chicken breeder did not want another fast growing white-feathered chicken that had to be kept in a special man-made environment. Instead he has worked to maintain the natural traditional chicken with all its inherited strengths, including the slow growing, disease resistance, excellent livability and its adaptation to tough environmental conditions. But even more important for our customers, the VIKON chickens has tasty meat with low fat and low cholesterol levels and low retained water.

VIKON chickens' on-going breeding work is done by Kabir International Ltd. And now, after sixty years, these two heritage pure line breeds have been brought back to the USA and are the parents of our VIKON. These two lines are unique for the fact that never once, during over 100 years, ever since admitted to the Standard of Poultry Perfection, has either line been changed by any genetic modification or by crossing onto any other breeds.

So how come I've never heard of this breed? Is it just a Cornish with another name?
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