What is an EE?


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Ok I am a noob, so don't give me a hard time. I have seen this in a number of posts what does EE stand for?

Thanks everyone.
We have one Araucana she lays blue-green eggs. We only got her on the weekend at an auction. I have never heard of an Easter Egger before, maybe they are more common in the US. I am in Australia. At least I know now!
Okay to clear things up here - For people outside America, an Easter Egger is what American hatcheries made while destroying the Ameraucana name in the process.
It is basically a mutt who's parents, grandparents, or great grandparents was an Ameraucana. (and sometimes, but rarely, an Araucana)

For people inside America - It is a mutt bird who lays colored eggs and is sold by hatcheries, feedstores, or "breeders" who just get their stock from hatcheries. If any of the following sources sells you an Ameraucana - It's actually an Easter Egger. Ameraucanas must be bought from a reputable breeder who knows the difference.

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