What is Bamboo?

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  1. Treegod

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Catalonia, Spain
    Here is Bamboo. He was our top roo, but has since been deposed by his son Tetley. He doesn't get much breeding done when Tetley and Raven are around, though he does get his chances [​IMG]
    I'm adding pictures of similar Spanish breeds. But don't let those distract you since I'm really looking for any similar ones (a broad spectrum as I said in another thread). If there's any other breed these remind you of please share [​IMG]

    Here's some good pictures of him...

    There are a few Spanish breeds he's very similar to, though he's never quite exact with them.
    This is an Empordanesa, with obvious differences and obvious similarities...

    Here is a Mallorquina...

    And another with a hen...
    They look almost exactly like Bamboo, except Bamboo's chest is a bit speckled whilst these are completely dark.

    Here is a Murciana...
    The wattles are far too big.
  2. ve

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    I do not think he is pure breed.For sure he is not any of the shown breeds-he has red earlobes,all this breedshas white.only Empodanesa is redlobest but has carnation comb,your roosters comb is regular single
  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    I dont know what he is..except really beautiful!
  4. Mahonri

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    They are gorgeous!
  5. Treegod

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Catalonia, Spain
    Quote:I think so too. I couldn't find any breeds exactly the same, just these that are similar. It's the yellow head, neck and back feathers that And the colour of his shoulder feathers is very similar to the Mallorquina, if not the same.

    Is this yellow colour a common one or restricted to some breeds?

    Out of the three above I'd say the Mallorquina is the closest match, except for the chest which I mentioned before, the shape of the comb which on the Mallorquina curves around with the head, but on bamboo forms straight angle (is that what you mean by regular single?). Also the legs on Bamboo are grey, not so on the Mallorquina in the pictures. Also I think that the Mallorquina looks bigger in general, though it's hard to tell.

    From the little experience I have I can only presume that Bamboo is a Spanish breed or cross, similar to the breeds shown.

    "I dont know what he is..except really beautiful!"

    "They are gorgeous!"

    He is isn't he? And he's such a gentleman with the hens, even the chicks! If he were a hen he'd make a good mother lol
  6. buck431397

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    Aug 29, 2009
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    Really cool picture! Congrats on having such a fine fellow!

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