what is carton hatching

I was wondering this myself. I have never done any kind of hatching but I want to try and the carton sounds like you get a good hatch rate can't wait for respose and pictures if anyone was any.
I hatch all of my duck and chicken eggs in an egg carton. 3 days before they are due to hatch, I put the eggs into an egg carton with holes cut in the bottom, the move the carton to the incubator. I find that I get a better hatch rate, even with the call ducks, and the chicks/ducks have an easier time getting out. When you just lay the eggs on the incubator floor, once a chick/duck hatches, they will roll and bang around all of the other eggs. This causes the chicks/ducklings to have to readjust themselves in the egg, causing them to get exhausted quicker, sometimes even giving up on hatching
I just did a batch (my first batch ever) and I used the carton. I had four little eggs, and they all hatched! I marked one side of each egg with an x or an o and turned each one three to four times a day. I also tilted the bator a little every so often. It worked for me but it could have been that it was just a few eggs ( I mean I didnt have turn twenty something eggs everyday like some people do)

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