What Is Causeing Changes In Egg Shells???


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Jun 4, 2009
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OK, So, I had 2 Marans start laying about 10 days ago, one laying lovely deep terra cotta brown with darker brown speckles and the other laying dark terra cotta with no speckles, but both eggs had a beautiful glossy finish.
Now, I have only one Maran laying (that I know of, both were using nest boxes before) and her eggs are much lighter in color, almost as light tan as my BO eggs, and the finish on the egg is more matte with a rougher texture!!
Nothing about their lifestyle has changed other than I did just do my fall mite/lice treatment of the hen house. They still free range all day with the same organic feed available inside. They still help themselves to my tomato garden and still get leftovers, friut, etc. from the house on a daily basis.
ACV in the water, Yohgurt occasionally...Oystershell & grit are available in both plain form and in a free range block which also contains some scratch like components.
I really miss the beautiful shiny eggs, they looked so healthy and this matte egg just doesn't look right...kind of like EE eggs, but pale brown.
I would post pics but can't figure out how!! I tried before and apparentely am not smart enough to figure it out...haha.

Any ideas???... Also, all other layers eggs look the same as they have always layed..


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Apr 22, 2009
Mine have been laying for about 2 months now and their eggs are still not all in one uniform color. sometimes they are light, sometimes dark, sometimes big, small, round oval... I have been told that it takes them a bit to get used to laying eggs and there isnt to much to worry about. I have even gotten some "shell-less" eggs... I did get a tripple yolk 3 weeks ago too! So I wouldnt be to worried about it.


Mar 8, 2008
Southwest Missouri
Don't have Marans, but just wanted to chime in and say that I've had the same thing with my Welsummer. Some days her eggs are a uniform dark terra cotta (for her, it's really tiny tiny speckles very close together). Other days the "inkjets" seem to be a little off and there are big irregular speckles with the rest of the egg being lighter. Once there was even one that was extremely light with no speckles...apparently the inkjets were entirely clogged.

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