What is Doodle's rooster?


10 Years
May 28, 2009
North Carolina
First of all Doodle is my 3 year olds sons nickname and when we visited TSC this spring he just had to pick his own chick - "Major" is what he ended up with - yup a rooster that has find a loving home... But please help me figure out what he is.. He is 11 weeks old and is still slooowly getting his back and tail feather.. The only thing I know is that he is a bantam.. many thanks for any help


He is not being picked on - When he lost his downs he is just slooooooowly getting his feathers?

I think cochin but not sure he is a bantam that is about the only thing I know...
Major's Twin!!!!!

I think he tried to crow the other day.. I haven't actually seen it but I know the noise came from his direction..

thanks so much
he is not being PICKED ON!! - He has actually feathered out more in the last week - that pic was taken yesterday but two/three weeks ago he was completely bare backed
Mottled cochin bantam! The roos always feather out alot slower then the hens. My brown/red cochin rooster did the same thing, for what seemed like forever he had nothing on his back or tail while the others were completely feathered out. What a cutie.... Love those cochins

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