what is fermented feed supposed to smell/look like


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Dec 8, 2014
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Ive decided to try fermented feed for my chicks. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but don't you just soak feed in a container and stir it a few times daily while keeping an inch or so of water above the feed? I've tried it with dumor chick starter/grower and the end result after four days smelled like (sorry) a case of the runs. Could it be my water?
Did you add apple cider vinegar (the raw kind, with the scuzz, or mother, in it)? You need that good bacteria to start fermentation (I think some use yeast and yogurt cultures too).

Also, make sure the feed you're using contains plant proteins, not animal proteins. When I ferment my chick starter, it smells wonderful. Like bread. My turkey starter, which is the animal protein, smelled like something died in my kitchen.

Other than that, yep, just stir it everyday, don't keep the lid on your container air tight and add more feed and water when necessary. Pretty easy :)
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I'll have to pick up some raw ACV. I only recently saw it at a local shop. I must've skimmed over that part. Thank you. I'll try it again. I've read its much better for them so want to give it a shot.
Take a look at this site. I think it will help a lot, especially the pictures! I am just getting mine started and this site and advice from Beekissed was invaluable, as well as several other very knowledgeable friends.

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