What is going on? One leg is not working right! (video included)


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Sep 19, 2011
Plantsville, CT
I posted a couple days ago about my chicken with a picture and she has vent gleet. So I researched everybody's advice. We did a dose of epsom salt and water in a syringe - we maybe got 1/2 oz of the recomended 1 oz. into her. We also did the molasses and water for about 5 hours-not sure if she drank any of it- we were gone. So since the epsom was so hard and I think stressful for her we started putting the antifungal on her vent. I did that for about 3 days and it did not seem to be helping. So I went and got the iodine and put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed her yesterday and went out to spray her again this morning. her vent looks less red but still alot of white and yellowish stuff coming out. While all this is going on she is now having trouble walking- about the last 3 days. She is eating a drinking - while I have been home I have seen her- but last night I had to put her into the coop-she was sitting in the dirt under the ramp- so she may have tried to go up and fell off. She then went and did get into one of the nest boxes- she did not jump up to a roost bar. I don't think we injured her when we fed her the epsom- I did wrap her in a towel. She has also not layed for just over a week now. (since I found an egg with blood on it that prompted the investigation of chicken butts) So, I am wondering if I should bring her in and put her in the big plastic bin we have used for a brooder so she does not have to move around a lot and she can stay warm- it is about 35 here-up to 40's during the day- coop has been about 45 at night. I am really hoping she is going to pull through and would love some advice. She is a 9 month old RIR and has been a great layer and of course my daughters favorite out of our little flock!
1. should I bring her in?
2. any idea why she is walking like this?
3. should we worry that she has not layed? Do I need to now worry about that too?
4. Any more suggestions on the vent gleet remedies?

You will see her walk toward the end of the video clip
Any help is greatly appreciated- as always!
looks like she may have sprained it.

Aspirin, regular adult 325, split in half, crush up the one half and feed it to her. Feed her the other half at bed time. Keep her confined and quiet for a few days. That's what I'd do for a sprain. Keep her from roosting if you can, so she's not landing on it, making it worse...
I got the asprin into her last night and I saw her take a drink. This morning I could not get her to take it. I tried it in 3 different treats. I have not seen her eat or drink-I am a bit worried. She could have had something - we were out working in the yard most of the day and each time I checked on her she was sitting quietly and looked up at me when I patted her or talked to her. Can vent gleet be deadly? I am still treating her for that as well. I am nervous for what the morning will bring. Thank you for asking about her.
I would have to feel her leg to know what is going on with it. Chickens get infections in joints alot when they have illness. I find them to limp from a bursitis in joint where infection settles when they are sick. If joint is warm to touch and swollen I would give her shot of antibiotics every other day 1cc of penicillin and 1/2cc of tylan 50 mixed togethr under skin on breast. I mix them because tylan is hard on tissue and mixed with penicillin seems to work exceptionally well. Then vent issues I will just worm them. I have learned worm and worm and worm. Then powder for mites. Mites tend to carry illness from bird to bird. Can be wild bird to your chickens never know. Your hen looks pretty healthy as far as not having runny eyes or nasal discharge but she could have had some infection somewhere else that settle there too. I just sometimes think never hurts to try before you lose them.

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