what is going on!!

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    *originally posted in hatch a longs* couldnt figure how to delete or move to this thread...

    ok so I had a hen go broody (buff rock lays brown eggs...) well she started out with around 10 -12 eggs under her...I kinda added some I'd say it was a mix from everyone one in the flock... about 90% brown eggs thou... I put a few white ones under her just to see the mixture of chicks...

    K well that was 35-40 days ago....

    This is were it gets really strange..

    As of yestetday.... she had like 15 some eggs under her .... and only TWO were brown eggs!!! Where the original eggs went is beyond me!! And why all white eggs.... !! I candle the eggs and most of them look fairly new maybe only a week developed. ... it's like ... I can't explain it .... should I just let her keep sitting on the current eggs? Maybe when she gets up to go get water clean it out and start over with a new mixed batch of eggs.... should I separated her from the rest of the flock? ... so confused! !
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    Apr 18, 2016
    Last year, we had one hen sit on like 18 pheasant eggs. On the day they were hatching, my dad went into the coop to discover that when the chicks would pip, the other hens would hear and come murder them. They left no trace. We ended up taking the remaining 5 eggs and hatching them inside. They ended up being fine. But anyways, that could totally be what's happening with your chickens.

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