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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Yesterday when I got home, one of my hens was acting funny. She hadn't been like this that morning. She is lathargic, drinking a lot, has wet stools. She would not eat last night or this morning. We started giving her antibiotics and vitamins last night. What else should I do? Please help.

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    AWWWW gosh dang sorry to hear that! I wish i could help, but sick chickens is not my specialty. =O( Good luck, someone will help whenever everyone wakes up
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    Has your hen lost any weight? You can feel around the breast bone to check this. We really need more info to try and help you. Read the stickys posted at the top of the emergencies section and answer those questions than maybe someone will be able to help you out.
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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Quote:She hasn't lost too much but im assuming that she will if she doesn't eat soon. Right know we are preparing some scrambled eggs, brocclli, game bird crumble(which helped one of my other sick chickens), and plain yogurt for her. Do you know if frozen brocclli is ok? Do you know how to worm chickens?
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    That all will be fine.
    You can easily worm them with wormer for their drinking water, there are many different kinds. As for the problem at hand, sounds like the same thing many folks are dealing with right now, coccidia.
    HOWEVER, the only way to know for sure is to take it to a vet and let them do an picky swab to look for the microscopic parasites.
    If it is the case, medicated chick feed and a sulfer based antibiotic will fix them right up. you will need to try all your birds for it too.
    Weight loss, foamy diarrhea, turning to bloody, diarrhea, loss of apatite, and lack of energy are the common signs of it.
    Good luck
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    We just had a hen who died as a result of a very heavy load of roundworms. She had similar symptoms: watery poop, lethargic, lost weight, lack of interest in eating.

    1. Worm her if you're confident that she does, indeed, have worms. Use a general purpose wormer since you don't know what kind she may have (mine had white worms that were visible in her stool).
    2. Put her where it's warm. Give her pedialyte to drink, yogurt, and high protein food such as boiled eggs.

    Keep us posted, and good luck.
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    Oct 5, 2008
    Southern, NH
    Today is the third day that my chicken has been "sick." She is still having the same symtoms but she is eating a small amount of yogurt and she is still drinking a lot. On Saturday we tried giving her scrambled eggs but she wasn't interested. Can chickens get diebetic? Let me know.

    P.S. I havn't tried the hard boiled eggs yet but I'll give it a try. Thanx again! [​IMG]
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