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    The teacher broke the class in two parts. Described the following, and asked for both to come to an agreedable answer: What is both compact, yet practical, by a show of force can change communities and offer hope. The following morning, the first group stood proudly and showed a photograph of a tank, explaining it's purpose of protection just by keeping it powered. The spokesperson of the second group stood, uncurled his fingers and showed a palmed fertile chicken egg.

    I share this because I still have an image of when I was blessed to participate in a medical missionary trip to Peru. By flat bottom boat, we started from the Amazon and slowly worked our way to the Rio Nanay, then to the smaller always changing fingers of waters from that. We went to villages built on sticks overlooking and sometimes directly on the waters, sometimes 90 miles from the nearest (by flat boat or donkeys or foot only) larger villages. Most of these villages were so far removed from the public that no missionaries visited, no one. They depended only on what was available by what they grew, what was wild, what came from the waters. Each village shared openly with all, including their free range (of course) chickens. Not one chicken was killed. Their eggs were cherished. Valuable for food and nurishment. Because these are the rainforest regions, many times the eggs are what sustained them while waiting for crops, after all other sources of protein/meat crops were taken. So humbling while seeing children succumb to malnourishment knowing that the numbers change fraction by fraction simply BECAUSE chickens are available, this helps give them a better chance of survival.
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    [​IMG] touching
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