what is hardware cloth?

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    Jul 5, 2009
    I also have a mink problem. I have been reading all the problems & suggestions. We have used heavy duty wire ,that we formally used for a dog run, all around & chicken wire on top to keep out eagles & hawks.

    We were told to dig down 2 ft on outside & place wire under ground, which we haven't down yet. What is hardware cloth? Is this chew proof. WE also let our hens free range. Are they then at greater risk.

    1 dog, 12 golden comets & 12 white leghorns & of course hubby. lol
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    Hardware cloth is wire that is finely meshed. The squares are usually about the 1/2 inch size. Pretty tough to get through it because the holes are so much smaller than typical fence. Chew-proof? I guess anything could eventually get chewed through, so I'd say very chew-resistant.
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    This is a roll of .5"x.5" hardware cloth. A pair of small bolt cutters and leather gloves will make short work of it. When attaching to window frames use wood screws through oversized washers (double layered will keep out everything but bears). As far as burying. If digging down is not an option it can be bent in an L shape with one/two ft. attached to outside of fence and the other two ft. on the ground with 40/60 lb. pavers on top of cloth (big rocks will do).

    Mink are an anathema and I'm sure a member who has dealt with them in a mechanical fashion (traps) will be here soon to offer good advice (I'd be reaching for the poison).

    Free range is always a gamble.

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    I used it on the inside of my windows.

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