WHAT IS HE DOING???!!!!????!!!!

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    Apr 16, 2007
    I have 23 9 week old pullets and a 1 year old roo. I have them separated until the girls reach maturity but they can still get to each other if they stick their heads through. Well, this has happened twice now (that I have seen). The Colonel (the roo) will call the girls over to the fence with a treat. Once someone sticks their head in he grabs her by the back of the neck and she screams bloody murder.

    This second time he took out about 6 feathers and there was a bit of blood involved. Is he trying to mate? Is he hurting them? How do I make him stop?

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    That's how the rooster subdues his women, by grabbing the feathers on the back of the head. A couple of my poor ladies are practically bald now! He's just being normal. I know it looks brutal, but that's the way of chickens. He doesn't understand that they're too young, I guess. Maybe a barrier of some kind would help. If not, maybe they'll get that he is up to no good.
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