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    My hen {red star} 15mo. old. Is staying to herself standing on one leg. She has herself all puffed up, not moving around much, most of the time with her eyes shut and will shake her head from time to time. She will eat and drink, but I don't think as much as usual. I have checked under her wing and around vent {no lice or mites}. Also no discharge from her nose ,eyes or mouth. She is not gasping for air or breathing through her mouth. I gave her some bread soaked in olive oil and scambled eggs, she ate it all as soon as I put it down. Her comb and waddle are light pink. There is organtic acv in their water. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with her? The rest of the girls don't do this they are fine. She has been like this alittle over a week. I have felt of her crop, it seems to be normal.
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    How about a picture of that "puffy" leg?

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