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    HELP! My hen is pooping out this![​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    She has been broody and lost her lone chick that hatched so I can not really go off of behavior to tell if she is sick. She ate a tiny bit of watermelon so is that it? She has been clicking her beak but otherwise seems ok for being a broody still trying to sit. Any help very much appreciated!
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    It may be shed intestinal lining, they do that occasionally. Here is a link to a lot of pictures of poop normal and abnormal http://chat.allotment-garden.org/?topic=17568.0 If she is acting OK for a broody otherwise, would think it is just that. If she is still broody, and you aren't going to get her more chicks/eggs, you might want to consider going ahead and breaking her of being broody since some hens will keep it up almost indefinitely.
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    Looks like blood to me. If she were mine I would worm her with Safeguard or Valbazen and probably also treat for coccidiosis with Corid. Some people will say "it's just intestinal lining", and it might be, but I treat for worm and coccidiosis is I see more than one in any of my birds.

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    can I treat of she is sitting on eggs? It isn't runny like blood but was wondering about worms since that seemed to be the consistency but she isn't acting sick.. Broody so hard to tell???
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    x2 Shed intestinal lining.
  7. calichicken

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    thank you...checking it out Now
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  9. calichicken

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    will this hurt her?
  10. casportpony

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    Do all of her poops look like that?


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