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Discussion in 'Online Poultry Show' started by rivermedic, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Feb 15, 2012
    I am interested in making good breeding choices, improving the quality of my flock and meeting new people since I don't know anybody who has my breeds (showgirls, mille fluers, sebastopols). I need some outside perspective and input on what I have and what I'm doing and I thought showing might be a good way to get that. However, I recently picked up a popular magazine about showing birds and found it very condescending. It belittled showers whose birds weren't up to snuff for one reason of another. One very successful breeder was asked why he didn't mind selling show stock and he said something to the effect of "they'll waste the bird because they don't know what they are doing so they are no competition." Well I'll be the first to tell you I don't know what I'm doing but there's only one way to learn which is to try. I'm an expert in emergency medicine which is what I've studied for, this is a hobby for me. I'm not interested in going to a show only to be condescended to by the grand high wizard who's made a career out of this. So I was wondering if the attitude reflected in that article is representative of the people one meets at shows, or are they the friendlier more helpful type that I've met at the auction barn & feed store?
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    Hello Rivermedic, My wife and I are also new to this site and want to learn more about showing chickens. All the breeders that we have met have been very down to earth chicken people. Quick to answer questions and helpful. We have gone to great lengths to locate heritage birds that are quality standard bred chickens. We want to get our grand kids involved in showing so we have done a little homework. We may never win a big show but it is important to us to make a good showing and be competitive. I agree that most people probably wouldn't be a threat even if someone gave them a potential champion. We understand there is usually more to raising show birds than meets the eye, but we are willing work hard to learn. Good Luck to you in you future shows and may God Bless you for being a First Responder!!!

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