What is it??? Pullets discovered their nestbox


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Nov 9, 2007
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Last night I added a nestbox, complete with 3 golfballs, to my juvenile coop. The girls are now 16 1/2 weeks old and I figured I'd give them some time to get used to it. I intend to add more, but I use covered kitty litter boxes as my nestboxes and the store only had one yesterday (going to add five more when they restock).

Anyhow, I just went out to check on the juvies because I noticed very few of them outside. I found 8 of the girls standing in the coop, staring at the nestbox. They'd stretch their necks to peek inside, turn and look at each other, then strain to peek inside again. Been there since about 6 PM yesterday and they just now noticed it.

Chickens are weird.
LOL too cute! I also use covered litter boxes, but all mine have done is think it is the "purrrrfect " place to go poo! (23 wk RIR)
Some advice, if you want it? Are your roosts higher than your nestboxes? Chickens want to roost as high as possible at night, so if your nestboxes are the highest thing in the coop guess where they are going to sleep (& poop) at night?
If your roosts are higher and they are still using your nestboxes as pottys, you can try two things. First would be to block off your nestboxes at night. If your hens are laying, you'll need to get out there early in the morning to uncover them.
Also, breaking them from sleeping on the nestboxes can be hard, but it can be done. Go out to the coop each night, after they have gone to roost and it's good and dark in the coop, and move their little butts to the roosts. You'll need to use as little light as possible to do this, so they can't see well enough to move back. I use a keychain attached penlight. Keep moving them to the roosts each night, be consistent about it and it usually takes about a week before they get the idea.

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