what is it with chickens devouring my catfood


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Nov 22, 2007
i have to laugh at my chickens, they stand ova the cats for there cat biscuits or jellymeat and my 4 cats just sit back and let them eat them all. R biscuits ok for the chickens, i had a box sitting on my table outside my chickens ripped the box and ate the whole lot
It wont kill them, but it isn't good for them. My advice is to keep the cat food away from the chickens. If you want to throw them a couple pieces every now and then for a treat is fine, but not a good idea to feed high quanities of cat food, way to much protein, and fat for chickens.
Chickens will eat pretty much anything if your let them but too much cat food is not a good thing. The minerals aren't balanced for a chicken as a regular diet.

When I have a chicken(s) that could benefit from extra protein I do use cat food. Some times I may just toss them a handful of cat food.

You might try giving them some black oil sunflower seeds for a treat or cooking them some boiled eggs and cooked white rice. They may be indictaing they need a little protein boost. or they may be like mine and are just hogs in disguise under those feathers. LOL
haha thanks for letting me know. so what is something i can feed them that will keep them them in good condition and help the hens lay well and my rooster in good condition. I have a pair of barredrock chickens, a pair of Road Island Red as well as a Ameraucana. My pairs are just on 5mths as for the other im not sure how old she is as she was given to me. But any help regarding the right feeding would be so helpful.
To be honest, treats are not necessary. I am assuming you free range them some so just feed them some good starter, grower, or finisher depending on their age, a put some oyster shells out for the hens, and they will be fine. If you live in a cold climate, add in some whole corn in the winter, and I like to add in some black oil sunflower seeds for good feather health year round. Good luck!
Since your chickens are more pets than farm stock you can give them things like cooked rice, boiled/scrambled eggs mixed with yogurt - for good probiotics.
Cat food is great when they are going through a molt because they need the protein for feather develoment, but not a good thing every day. Just my thoughts.....
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