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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by olefarmersdaughter, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. olefarmersdaughter

    olefarmersdaughter Songster

    Jun 15, 2008
    Omaha, Nebraska
    A co-worker gave me 2 dozen eggs to hatch(20 fertile,17 hatched). two of the chicks have zorro-like masks. All of her chickens are all mixed. what breed are in these chicks?
  2. mradam

    mradam In the Brooder

    Mar 5, 2008
    Eastern Missouri
    Although there are some on this site that could probably tell you what they are based on a written description, it sure would help to have pictures. Any chance you could post a pic or two of the birds in question?

  3. mylilchix

    mylilchix Songster

    Hmmm, I have black australorps who have that, but my black langshan do, too. Pics would be awesome!

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