What is killing my flock?? GRAPHIC PIC


10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Okay I originally thought I was losing my birds to a hawk. This started on Monday. So far I have lost 1 juvenile chicken, 1 1.5 month old duckling and a full grown hen. The chickens were eaten on only one side. The duckling just had head and legs left. I found all of these under trees or under some kind of cover. I could clearly tell the duckling was caught in one place and eaten somewhere else. Actually it was eaten in the same place I found today's victim which si what the picture is of. I leave the house at 8am. It is very light by then and I get home by 4 or 5. This happens somewhere between that time. At this rate, I won't have any chickens left in a few weeks. I thought it was a hawk originally and yesterday I hung lines across my yard and put out some windsocks and things. There is no way it's a hawk. It's killing these animals in covered areas. Does anyone have any ideas? I've had a fox kill a goose and a chicken before I started locking them up at night. I have never had a problem like this before during the day.

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could it be a skunk? they hunt around sun down, and at night. Found a skunk eating my baby chick a week ago...

We also have great horned owls who take my chickens...
I don't know about it being a dog. My entire yard is fenced with fence at least 4 feet high. I'm not saying a dog couldn't possibly jump that but this whatever seems pretty stealthy. I would imagine I would see a dog hanging around too. They aren't trying to hide from people like wild animals. I was going to tie my dogs out today to deter whatever it is but it was raining this morning.
For your young birds, I would have said a cat, but no way since a full grown hen was taken. I don't think it's a hawk, but I don't know what it could be. I would lock them in a secure run until you can figure out what's doing this!

Sorry about your babies.
My guess would be a young coon, just learning to kill - with his nights and days mixed up. We've had young ones try to go after our chickens in the early to mid morning. One of them grabbed a rooster and caused a wound on his back...the bird survived...the coon didn't.
I might should keep them locked up for the day I guess. Their coop is a bit cramped but it would be better than losing one everyday. I would like to be home when it happens so I can see what it is and how to deal with it. I wish this had started on a friday, darnit.
i don't know how many chickens you have but could you build them a run? Chances are now that whatever has gotten them will continue to come back, even if you lock them up for a couple days. The predator knows where a free meal is...

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