What is my EE pullet doing


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My Coop
She is sitting on the floor of the coop and she keeps putting pine shavings on her back piece by piece. This is the same spot she laid her egg in three days ago.
Well, putting shavings on her back is normal behavior for some layers. They are "hiding" themselves. Although I like to think they are prettying themselves up, because they are proud of having laid eggs.

If she is not moving from that spot during the day and night, she's going broody. Whether or not there are eggs, fertile or not, they can still go broody.
My barred rock just started laying & she does the same thing in the nest box when she is starting to make her egg
Here are Bandit's green eggs - I believe this is her 3rd egg as one of the EE laid a green egg on New Year's Eve while we were away. The other EE hasn't done much except sit in the nest box so I don't believe it was hers.

Here's the 1st green egg from 12/31/11

Here's the 2nd green egg 1/4/12

Here's the 3rd green egg 1/6/12

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