What is my rescue chick?


15 Years
Jun 23, 2008
North Carolina
We just got back from the Unifour show in Salisbury. There was a man selling chickens and there was a smalll cage with a bunch of chicks in it. They looked to all be 3-4 weeks old. This one tiny chick was getting trampled by all the others. It is soooo tiny compared to my 3 week old EE's that we have, so I'm guessing it's a banty. The poor thing was covered in poop, all wet and not moving much. I asked how much the guy wanted for it and he told me I would be doing him a favor if I just took it off his hands for him.

I was worried sick the entire way home because it was hardly moving. I warned my daughter that it might not make it and to be prepared that it might die. I came straight home and bathed it. I know, I know...probably the wrong thing to do, but it was totally disgusting. It had poop literally caked all over it. I dried it with the blow dryer on a low, warm setting (It fell asleep while I was drying it).

Now, it's in a tank with fresh food and water. It has drank some water and is now eating and walking around. I have hope! It's just so small for it to have feathers already.

So of course I came here for some expert (and non-expert) opinions! What is it? Do you think it is a hen or roo? I'm sure it's too soon to tell. How old do you think it is?




Awwww...thank you. I was so scared to give it a bath, but I just didn't see any other way of getting it clean. I didn't even want to touch it when we got it, but my gosh...how could I leave it there? It was getting trampled to pieces by the others. We didn't even get to walk through and see the birds getting judged because I wanted to hurry and get it home.
I'm all about freebies! People at work pick on me because of how excited I get over freebies and also because of my obsessive coupon clipping.

Do you think the chick is a girl? Whatever it is, it sure is calm. Not at all like any chicken I've ever had. I just wish I knew what it was. I'm guessing it might be a mix.

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