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    My roosters are now 6 months old and the alpha rooster is grabbing the hens aggressively by the back of the neck and mounting them. It seems very tramatic for the hens and/or me, lol. Is this normal mating behavior or is my rooster extra aggressive? The other three roosters are doing the same thing but not with so much gusto. It just seems like all day long the rooster is just going around and tramatizing everyone. I would love to hear people's opinion.

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    It will get better as he ages and the pullets approach POL. Curious though, what is your boy to girl ratio? Good ratio is 10 girls to every boy. Less than this results in over-mating(injuries and bald backs) and more will result in lower fertility rate possibly.
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    That's normal. Just make sure there are plenty of hens to go around.

    Usually it is good to have one roo to every 8-12 hens I have read. There are saddles you can get to put on hens' backs if they are bleeding/lose feathers from him treading on them.

    If the roos start gang raping the hens then I'd think about a bachelor pen until they mature a bit and become more gentlemanly hopefully. The younger roos can be quite a mess with the ladies when they haven't learned their manners yet and there are too many of them.

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