What is required to take birds to shows?

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    I've shown horses for years and know whats expected but now I have some araucanas that I think look pretty good and would like to take to the Fowlfest in Birchrun, mi next weekend. I know tomorrow is the last day for entries and would have to hussle to get my entry and money in on time. I'm just wondering what else is required? Do they birds have to have some sort of health certificate done weeks before and is there testing done at the door?

    I was hoping that I might be able to get a grandson or someone else that has shown birds, to show them until I can learn what is required. I think I have a few really nice ones and would like to see how they compare to others.
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    Copied from the Fowlfest entry form:

    "Health requirements are regulated by the State of Michigan. Exhibitors of all poultry (except waterfowl) must provide a parent flock NPIP certification number, VS9-2, VS9-3, or MDA state pullorum test certificate before bringing birds into the show hall (for the exhibition show, sale area, or showmanship). Exhibitors are highly encouraged to have their birds tested before arriving at the show. Certified testers will be available to test birds at the show during coop-in times only. A $1 per bird donation will be accepted for this service."

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