What is she?(pic)


12 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I posted this on the barnevelder thread and didn't get a response so I am asking for your thoughts what breed is she. She is very small about the size of a crow. She has the markings of a barnevelder and that was what I was told she was when I purchased her. Her feet are not yellow they are dark. She is a sweet heart but I don't like calling her something she is not so please help ID this girl for me. Here is a picture of munchcan.
I would imagine she is a poor quality barnevelder due to the small head and colored legs or at least a barnevelder cross ??
I agree she is not of good quality. I am really questioning if she is not a cross breed. Anyone else know? Sumatra thank you for answering my post and I do agree with you.
She is about 21 wks old and started the squatting a few days ago plus she is showing interest in the nest box I thought for sure she was going to lay today but she left the nest after a couple of hours. Do you know the average time frame they start laying? I thought this is to soon
Farmerchef, she has a single comb with 5 points. Her comb is small but so is she about the size of a crow. I will post pics of her eggs as soon as she lays one. She has started the squatting and is interested in the nest.
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