What is taking my ducklings?


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
I had three adult ducks and eleven ducklings sharing a coop, but they're separated. The other night, something took the head off one of the ducklings, leaving the chest cavity open and bloody. Because the body was still in the coop and not missing, I'm thinking it was a raccoon. However, last night, something took an entire duckling. Just completely vanished. Now, for one thing, a raccoon probably wouldn't be able to get through the wire. But a weasel could slip through one spot where the wire isn't attached completely. So am I experiencing two different predators? Or just different circumstances with the same one?

(The problem isn't major, I just need to make sure I close the coop before dark. But what would you suggest I do to eradicate this predator?)
It sounds like a raccoon for both losses. Raccoons generally take just the head because that is all they can pull through the fence, but if they have enough time and motivation they will pull an entire bird through a fence a piece at a time. They don't need to be able to fit through the fence, just be able to reach into the fence. Birds are naturally curious or like sleeping close to the fencing, so they are at risk for being grabbed.

A weasel would have killed the lot in one night. They don't just kill to eat, sometimes they do it for the sport of it .

Sorry for your losses. Good luck with the rest.

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