what is the average price of black-white-grey cockatiels____PLZ HELP!!

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    at a poultry auction i saw some of those rare cockatiels that went for $5 au. then rod, he is mums friend who took me there said he is going to pop over to the pet shop and sell them for $25 au! so what is the actual average price for those cockatiels?????
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  2. chickenhawk73

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    the last one i bought from a pet store was a hand raised bird.she cost me $100.00.the non hand raised ones were about $60.00.this was about two years ago.
  3. In this market - Omaha, Nebraska - $25 - $45 from breedersfor greys. Pet stores of course are more expensive.
  4. Please realize that you are in the cockatiel's native land, and many of us are in the US, so prices (and currencies) are different.

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    i cant imagine teils being very expensive in australia given that they are natives...
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    I go to a small animal auction once a month in MO and for the last several years the price has bottomed out on cockatiels and lovebirds, heck all caged birds for that matter. This year so far has had: Cockatiels (tame or not) (grays, pied, white-faced) (handfed babies and breeders) started at $10 and none sold for more than $22. Peachfaced lovies (not tame, but just weaned) also started at $10 and sold for around $17.50-$22. Parakeets sold for $7. Zebra finches sold for $5. Society finches sold for $6. A diamond dove sold for $10. A green parrolet male sold for $20. A tame, everyone was holding him for a few hrs before the sale, greenwing macaw sold for $500 last month! Not many people bring their caged birds to this auction any more because of this.
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    Quote:The simple fact is that properly keeping birds is somewhat expensive (especially for some of the more needy species) and right now a lot of people have to decide between 'wants' and 'needs' when it comes to money. When you are facing foreclosure, what goes first: the bird or the electric bill? Parrot rescues, sanctuaries, and classified are full of unwanted (or perhaps more accurately, 'can no longer keep') parrots. Moreso now than ever before.
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    People often can't give away small birds. With those being native to your area... I can't imagine them selling for that much. That said, here, in Oregon, almost any color mutation hand fed and raised can be had for 25-45 if you don't go to a pet store. My hand fed perl cockatiel was 35.

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