What is the best bedding for chickens??????


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Nov 12, 2015
hi all.... i was woundering what is the best bedding for chickens.. i can not get wood shavings.. or news paper... or grass clipings
... cuz my coop is kind of big and would have to do lots of more work and it would take more money.. i cant use hay cuz last time i used my it got all cold and wet.. and my water got hay in it.. would i have to buy bedding?.. its now winter so i cant get grass..
and how would i keep my coop beding from getting wet or frozen??? i will be getting my EEs soon so need to know fast.
I use pine shavings and I have a large coop. I can change the shavings in about an hour, and I have a very big coop, more than 150 square feet. you can get pine shavings for cheap at lavalleys or maybe tractor supply, another option would be deep litter, search it on BYC, but that requires more knowledge and careful planning. Shavings are also cheap, at only about 6.50 for a big bag. (2 is enough for my entire coop and nesting boxes)
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New here still learning bout chickens ducks and how they work so how bout bedding for a duck do they buikd nests like chickens
ok i will try deep bedding... rod-t straw is not cheap ware i live.. its about $50 a bale.. and $8 a sqare bale.
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. I use either coarse sand or fine pea gravel in the floor of the coop and run and pine shavings in the next box and they both work very well. If you haven't done so already, definitely check out our Learning Center at https://www.backyardchickens.com/atype/1/Learning_Center. There is lots of useful information there. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Cheers.
**WARNING*** To Beediamond!! do your reaserch before attempting deep litter!!!
Done improperly, and without proper mantaining, YOU CAN KILL YOUR CHICKENS!!
MOLD will form, if not turned, and give your chickens respiratory distress!!!
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