What is the best thing to clean an incubator?


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I am wanting to clean and disinfect my incubator after i just hatched my first eggs, what would be the best thing too use that isn't to harsh?
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i use white vinegar with a bit of baking soda<
here is my recipe:

1/2 a cup white vegetable vinegar

2 tablespoons of baking soda

1 tablepoon water

this works great for me, vinegar disinfects, baking soda takes smells away and water thins it out
this is completely natural and wont hurt anything or any one!
after washing and scrubbing with the mixture just rinse out the rag and just wipe out with water
this is much safer then bleach
I use a 5 step process when I clean an incubator..
1) clean out all the loose gunk
2) wash with a mild dish detergent to get the rest of the gunk and then rinse
3) when it LOOKS clean I wash it again with vinegar and rinse
4) wash again with baking soda mixed with water and rinse
5) wash a final time with hydrogen peroxide and rinse, dry and then let air dry to remove any excess dampness

may sound like a lot of cleaning.. but this way i KNOW it's clean and no harsh chemicals that will harm the next batch of eggs have been used
I have always used a mild bleach mixture & never had a problem with it, just let it air out good, but everyone has there on thing, not trying to misslead anyone but it works good for me.
i am so glad i found this thread. i woulda never guessed vinegar, baking soda, etc.


milles mercis!!! (as we would say in the old country!)
I clean with white vinegar...Allow to dry...Lightly mist with Oxine and close the doors for 24hrs...Open doors to air dry.

My incubators/hatchers are too large and cumbersome to lug in and out of the hatching/brooding room(in the house)for a sun bath.

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