What is the best way to catch a fox?


9 Years
May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
Two days ago I lost one of my chicks. We didn't know for sure what got it but we discovered after they had been out free ranging in our yard and the vacant neighbors yard that one of them one missing. A neighbor also happened to be looking for his dog that was lost and told us he had kicked up a fox just down the street from us. So we have been keeping our girls in their pen and only let them out if we were right there with them.

I just stepped out outside after supper and my husband was already out there and we heard this eerry screaming sound. I told him to hurry toward the chicken house. I had let them out just in their fenced yard. They were fine but it had started raining and over in our neighbors yard a rabbit had been sitting and when it started to rain it went toward the bushes for cover and my husband saw the fox had it and ran away when he saw my husband.

I am sure he probably got my girl the other day and was waiting for more. My girls won't be going out anymore like that. Their coop is secure. We have regular house doors on it and there is hardware cloth over the windows and windows themselves go in and out and right now we are keeping them in. There is a pane out of one for ventilation. The floor is wood and there are no holes as this coop was just built.

Rick said fox are really smart so what is going to be the best way to catch it or them?
For the best information on this try trapperman.com The way I trap fox is set the trap in a hole or between some straw bales. Make it look like a cave. The best bait I have found is a luve mouse which can be had at any pet store, they feed them to snakes. Place the mouse in a small wire cage behind or in your trap. If you can't get a mouse, use a young chicken for bait, just be sure the fox can't get to it. Within 2 days you will have caught the fox. Leave the trap set, for they are more of them in the area. And kill everyone you catch.
I dunno been trying to fiure that one for about 5 year's.We hadfox get LOT of my crested duck flock last summer.Basicaly between DH and neighbor they just shot them either at dawn or dusk when they went forthe duck's or bird's.We have 2 new one's this year along with coyote gain and some newanimal We have never heard before until early morn when daughter got home from work at 3 am and she woke us to ask if a critter was out.It was a crazy screaming sound.Fox are hard to trap We never got one yet grrrrrrr.We cant set leg trap's here so...
Thanks for the links. we just got a grey fox in our area. So far we have lost 5 hens and 1 chick. I did see it but my gun was locked up. Not anymore.
Ours is hitting during the day from noon till early evening when it is hot out and dog and I are inside. Chickens are locked in coop at night but free range all day. We are going to make a chicken yard. But will try to get this fox some way since he is the only one in area. He just moved in last week.
Thanks everyone. We will try some of these and see how we do. This is a red fox and he got our chick during the day and also that rabbit was about 5ish. We live in a small rurual town of about 150 but are very close to the edge of town. I am keeping the chickens in their fenced pen and even as I am typing on here I have full view of them. I know we are going to have to do some more work on our outdoor area and I don't know if I will ever let them totally free range like they were. I feel where there is one red fox there are more. I know there are coyotes nearby as well as some bobcat have been seen in the county.

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