What is the best way to wash eggs?

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    Oct 27, 2009
    I see alot of topics about "to wash or not to wash".. but I don't see alot on the best method to do so. I have seen some device you can buy that uses an air compressor to "bubble water" through the eggs. I have also seen (on ebay) antique egg washers that spin the eggs in a pot (best description I could come up with)... Basically, I am looking for tips and tricks necessary to speed the egg washing process... because I do wash my eggs. Thanks for any info you have!
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    What I do is this-

    From Coop to wire basket on the counter- when I'm actually home to cook the eggs in a few days so usually thurs-sun collections... just put them in the basket and wash when I eat.

    From coop to fridge. . . brush off and wipe with damp papertowel. I only wash with water when they are really poopy or gross. Then I wash all the way when I eat them.
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    If you must wash your eggs, be sure that the water you use is at least ten degrees hotter than the egg itself. Don't submerge the egg in the water, just wash and dry thoroughly. Refrigerate.
    I don't wash the eggs my family uses. Really dirty eggs get fed to the dog or given back to the hens in the form of scrambled eggs. I rarely get a dirty one.
    I wash for those egg customers that prefer it.

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