What is the CHEAPEST way to add a fan to a still air incubator?


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May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
I am on my first hatch with a still air Hova Bator. I am on Day 11 right now. I don't have a problem with turning my own eggs. Easy to do. The bigger problem for me is keeping my temps stable. With some great help from people on here I am doing better. Is it better to have a fan in the bators to help keep the temp more stable? If so, can someone tell me how to do it and as cheap as possible. If there is a place for wiring directions that would be great too. Thanks everyone!
The computer fan is it. I got mine free from my brother, he was the third person I asked. I used a 12volt output transformer from the junk drawer in my kitchen, I had a bunch of old transformers used to power cordless phones, answering machines, drill chargers, etc. I just shuffled through till I found one with 12 volt output. I cut the end of it off and used wire nuts to connect it to the computer fan. Black on the fan to solid black on the transformer, and red on the fan to white and black on trans. Yellow wire on fan just tape up. When done, you can plug it right in the wall and it will run constantly like you need. Run the fan wires through a small hole in your incubator, then make the connections on the outside, then your in business. Make sure you have space between the wall and the fan for circulation.
Best of luck to you.
How many AA batteries do you think it will take to run that for 21 days straight? For that kind of money, you could buy everything you need to install a fan twice. And be able to keep using it over and over. I doubt if that fan would last more than a couple of days running 24/7. Not trying to be mean, just saying go with what has been proven to work.
The fan I am using is a little $6 personal fan from walmart. It is metal, with metal blades, plugs into the wall and is very quiet. It has a built in stand and you can position the fan how you like. It is keeping the temp even through out my homemade incubator. I did not have access to a pc fan, so this is what I'm using. It does take up more room than a pc fan, but if you have the space, it works pretty good. Good luck.
i picked up a computer fan for under 10 dollars at best buy for mine and used a old cell phone charger to power it seems to work great funny thing about it its a charger from my old lg cell phone and a lg bator

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