What is the Cockeral thinking when they square off...

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by naillikwj82, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Oct 30, 2011
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    I was watching the birds this morning, and observing a few 5 week od cockerals squaring off and bumping chest. Laughing at myself for mimicking the birds conversation..."Hey your from the other side of the coop!" "No i'm not you crossed the line" "Well watch out or I'll wipe that beak of yours right off"
    Has anyone else tried to figure the body language out?
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    I'm thinking that someone inside their little chickie DNA, they have to. Many times I see my chicks, male and female, chest bumping and chasing one another in the brooder. It is not necessarily indicative of a male chick.
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    Jun 28, 2011
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    I bought a whole lot of 16 week old pullets some time ago and a few of them did that. My DH was convinced they were roosters. They weren't. I think it's just the chickens way of sorting themselves and the pecking order out. Reminding the others who's the boss.
    I would, however, love to know what the hens are saying when they chase the cheeky young roosters all over the pasture. "YOU mating with ME??!!!!!"
  4. I put my rooster gryphon with some other roosters (learned, even tho i knew this would happen and i blame my mom, the hard way) and the spen the night together, i swore that when he challenged another OEG rooster (hes a bantam [​IMG]) he was saying

    "This is my coop, and you and your friends just come in here? I think not! these are MY hens!" *points to 3 hens*

    " Oh ya, well I have like 10 hens, and this is now MY coop!"

    "Oh ya? How about now?!" *jumps up and scratches his face*

    "You did NOT just do that!" *slams into the bantam*

    "You did not just do that!" *pulls his wattles*

    and so on, in the end, my rooster was still fighting with a bloody face, he survived, but i blame my mom cause i TOLD her that they would fight, well Gryphon almost died, so i think SHE learned the lesson but I was crying he was dying!
    [​IMG] still i dont forgive her, she never even said sorry ! I tryed and warn her!

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