What is the consequence of broodiness?

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    One of my 20-month old Barred Rock hens has taken to sleeping in her nesting box instead of on the roost with her sisters (we live in the suburbs and cannot have a rooster). Her recent activity suggests the broody behavior I have read about. I haven't found much information besides this nesting behavior. What else specifically happens when a hen goes "broody?" Should I discourage her from sleeping in the nesting box?
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    I am so glad you posted this question. I have a similar situation in that my year-old Delaware hen has taken to staying in the nest box the last couple of days. AND, we don't have a rooster, either! I am looking forward to reading the replies.[​IMG]

    BTW, what is "rooster"? I read alot about putting rooster under the hen. Alot of wierd images floated through my mind![​IMG]
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    If, your hen is truly broody, she'll be in the nest box 24/7, not just spending the night. Unless you are planning on hatching out some chicks, it's best to try and discourage them. There are lots of posts on here with various methods to put a stop to broody behavier. Try a search for a few of them.

    It's hard on a hen being broody. They lose weight, lose feathers, don't get any excercise and quit laying e ggs for you.[​IMG]
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