What is the correct diet for breeding stock?

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    May 7, 2007
    My mom is going to give me some eggs in late March to hatch. What should she be feeding the birds for optimal health and vigor in the chicks?
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    I copied this from the link given below.

    Breeder feeds are formulated for chickens that are producing eggs for hatching. These feeds basically are layer feeds containing slightly more protein and fortified with extra vitamins for proper chick development and hatching. However, use of breeder feeds is somewhat questionable for the small flock producer, since the increased cost may not be justified by the potentially slight increase in hatchability.

    You also may give both laying and breeding chickens access to ground oyster shell. Some high-producing laying birds may require the extra calcium provided by oyster shell, even though the prepared diet is a complete feed. The need to feed oyster shell can be determined by shell quality. If eggs are laid with thin shells that are easily cracked or shells that are rough with almost a sandpaper feel, oyster shell may help to increase shell strength and quality. When feeding oyster shell, provide a separate feeder allowing free choice feeding on oyster shell.

    Oregon State Feeding Chickens

    Congratulations and good luck!!!
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    May 7, 2007
    So would I just boost the protein by mixing in game bird feed and add vitamins to their water? I read somewhere on one of Miss Prissy's posts (over a year ago?) how she fed her breeders and wish I could find that post. Does anyone know the post I am talking about?
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    You could send her a PM, to ask her.
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    You need a souce of fish meal , meat meal , meat & bone meal , any of these three will give you what they need in the direction of what they would eat while freeranging , plus being fed whole grains & seeds .
    The layer pellets made today are made only with just what it takes for a bird to make an egg(their/feedmill's own admission)with nothing for feather quality , nothing for vitality , nothing for fertility , nothing for quality of life .
    On birds that i really want to lay or continue to lay i like to use chick starter/grower or chick starter with their whole grains , seeds and protein supplement , the hens love the chick starter/grower in a wet mix .
    Hope this helps,
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    May 7, 2007
    Kathy, I did PM her but maybe she is too busy right now with her own menagerie.

    Shannon, thanks for that. Where do you get the different meals and how do you mix them and or feed them? What is the ratio of chick starter to grains? I have whole grain wheat in easy supply or is corn or scratch grains better? Do you still offer laying ration or do you offer oyster shell with the starter and call that good? It's starting to sound like a banquet that any chicken could love.

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