What is the deal with blank BYC pages?

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Jan 26, 2010
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I like to browse around and look at people's BYC pages. And more then half of the ones I looked at don't have anything on them!
Why is that? Not trying to offend anyone, but what is the deal? Thanks!
When you click the "My Page" link, it automatically generates a page and puts a link on your profile. Plenty of people never write on their page.
You could challenge someone to a page show-down. That's what finally got me to build my page. SC_Hugh challenged me to a page duel. ibpboo joined the challenge. Now, all three of us have pages. Just lay down the gauntlet.
I am one of the blank page folks. I found the loading of the page way to confusing for me. I would be happy if mine were to be deleted. Or is there some sort of tutorial that is written for common folk like me?

I simply could not deal with it.
Ack! Now I'm wondering if I've accidentally set one up, too. I clicked all over when I first joined trying to figure things out and how to do the avatar (gave up..lol) and other things. If I have a page, feel free to delete it.

ETA: OK, I don't see a link, so maybe I didn't mess that one up.
Or else it's there but I can't see it since it's my own link?
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