What is the deal with quail?


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Sep 14, 2008
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I am new to hatching, and fairly new to this site. It seems like most evreyone has quail eggs set in their bators. What is the big deal with quail?? Why are they so popular?
mmm...I am not sure. i don't have quail, but maybe they are just more guaranteed to hatch?...better hatch rate???
I am not so sure.
They're cute? Run in sequenced order? I don't know, unless it is to sell to better restaurants. I know a guy who raises them, lets them loose on the back wooded parts of his farm then rents the farm to hunters for good money.
So, most people hatch them just to eat or hunt them? I have been thinking about trying quaill, but I was trying to figure out what I would do with them.
I'm raising the jumbo coturnix quail because I tried meat chickens this past spring and won't do it again. I don't have the time to process all those birds myself nor do I have the room here to keep them. I've heard the jumbo coturnix are all dark meat and since they are small, they are easy to keep and process. Also prolific egg layers.

I also raise button quail, as do many others, but that's just because they are cute and fun. Can't eat 'em. Well, you probably could but it's alot of work for one bite!

So now I have chickens for eggs and quail for meat which is why I'm raising them!
I really don't know. Mine are only 3 weeks old. I've had quail before though and to me it tastes like chicken. Not even close to duck (I've never had dove).
I've always eaten Bobwhite (native here- shot over a setter) I was going to raise some Cortunix for meat, but not if they're dark meat (bobwhites are not, or not in my opinion) Are they the same?

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