What is the deep litter method??

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  1. I don't know what that is... :|
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    The place to search is right here on BYC. That way you'll get info from people who are actively using the Deep Litter method as well as feedback. You may find articles on Deep Litter written by members who use the method, you'll see a link to articles on the left side of the screen after you search.

    Try the search bar at top. I did a quick search and found one thread that I've read before and is very well done on Deep Litter.


    I've used deep litter for 2 years and love it. Good Luck!
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    Also need to mention, deep litter is all about composting properly.
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    I am thinking of setting up the deep litter method in my coop. I have several questions about it though. My coop is a old milk shed I made into a coop. It has a cement floor. It's measurements are 6 by 8. I have 10 golden buffs. All I've read is that you set the system up in the spring and clean it out 1 or 2 times a year. I have egg layers. I got my chickens in late fall. Didn't have to clean it out for the first month. But had the chickens laying eggs now . I n one week I had a STRONG ammonia smell. So I cleaned it out and put new bedding in. I use pine chips. A full bag in. Am I using to much pine chips . I have 2 heat lamps running. Now that it is winter. I live in Ohio about 1 hour from Columbus. I have 2 windows in the coop I open them for ventilation. How cold a tempature does it have to be before I use the heat lamps or close the windows to keep the chickens warm to prevent frostbite? The 10 chickens that I have are fully feathered. Their is usually a strong wind where I live in the country. The front door to the coop Does Not fit tight and wind does blow in. It does prevent preditors from coming in though. How often should I stir the flooring pine chips? To prevent the ammonia smell. Should I use FOOD GRADE DE to keep the ammonia smell down. Then as I understand it you should put a new cover of pine chips over the DE

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