What is the general consensus on....

I've done it with extra coturinx males. As long as they have space mine did great. Now I keep African quail in with them, and my ringneck doves.
Ok, good. The. Lady that sold me the chukar chicks said they were very aggressive and could easily kill my Red Golden Pheasants!!! I didn't believe it, as the pheasants are quite a bit bigger, I think. We just put together a seperate, amazing structure for my quail "breeding" adventure. Just hatched 6 coturnix as the begginner flock. Planning on breeding, hatching the eggs to sell/eat, and will eat the extra male quail. They are ready to eat by 6 weeks, right?
She is right.Chukars will be fine one day and kill everyone the next.Sometimes they even kill their own kind.They are aggressive little rascals.
In N.H.,Tony.
What tony said is also true! I've had good batches like I do now. But I've had other batches where there would be 6 birds in a 10x10 and go out the next day and have 1 left.
Chukars can change their minds if they like their fellow roommates from one day to the next and doesn't matter if they are fellow chukars or something else. Doesn't matter if its bigger then them either. Kept a pair with my peacocks and they jumped to bite the peas in the head and beat them bloody.

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