What is the mix of my new chicken?


6 Years
Apr 3, 2014
She's 12 weeks old. I'm thinking Brahma mix.....maybe a EE and Brahma mix?
She's a pullet right? I traded my rooster for her. I'm pretty sure she's a pullet because my rooster was the same age and had saddle/hackle feathers and had a huge red comband he was crowing.
I feel bad for her because she's so scared!

OK. I thought so because she's a little bigger then my other chick Elsa who's the same age. Brahmas are pretty big right?
Do I need to worry about her being on a wire floor during her quarantine? I have a box of wood shavings for her. She doesn't want to move around much now because she's so scared. The poor baby is stressed out. When can I start taming her? I just got her today so I don't want to stress her out by touching her too much. Do you have any idea on what other breed might be in her?
I don't want her to get sick or anything because of stress. I put ACV in her water. Should I be putting sugar in it tomorrow?
How long do I need to quarantine? I can't quarantine much longer then 2 weeks. Is that OK?

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