What is the perfect temperature for a grown chicken?


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I'm just wondering.... We rarely freeze here on the South Texas coast, but at what temperature is a full grown chicken (not chicks) comfortable?
There is not a single temperature, but rather a range of temps, mine have good wind protection, and are comfortable from, -10 to +90. They will survive -20 but will need more feed, and +100, but will need more water and shade. mk
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Excellent question... that I have no answer for!
I know that chickens can tolerate a wide range of temps and that some breeds are more tolerant of heat, others of cold. That being said, I would guess a range in the temperate zone of, say, 50-70 degrees F. How did I arrive at that range? I think the most abundance of life on the planet are in that range so it is the zone that is most tolerable, especially to land based life. This is an educated guess at best, so do not quote me, please! Just trying to stimulate the conversation!
I agree. Actually my brahmas seem most comfortable around 50-ish degrees. Above 100 and they start to look and act uncomfortable.
I've not seen mine look cold, yet. I got Buff Orps since they tollerate a wide range of temps. It was really hot here this summer and I provided at least a frozen water bottle when it was over 100 deg. They are about 22 wks old now and the temps are comming down (finally) so its in the middle to upper 80's during the day and upper 60's at night. Their coop is a playhouse converted to chicken coop and is very 'airy'. I just wonder when I should make it more warm for them in the evenings, the only time they are confined. So I guess I should plan on trying to keep them in about 65/70 degree temps.

Does anybody know at what temp. a big, fluffy chicken gets cold?
Brahmas are big and fluffy like the buff orps. and I've yet to see mine be cold. Not even last winter which was nasty and cold. I close the shutters over their coop windows at 40 degrees.
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